Eurostep to present at Product Innovation in Berlin February 19-20

Achieving business benefits by using PLM standards such as STEP and PLCS

Mr Staffan Söderberg, Sales Manager Germany, Eurostep GmbH
Mr Håkan Kårdén, CEO Eurostep Group, Eurostep Group

The scope for using standards like STEP and PLCS has grown beyond exchanging CAD files and Bill Of Materials the last years.The need to collaborate across disciplines and across organization borders is everywhere and now extends to all PLM related information.

Collaboration in heterogeneous environments requires a new approach to an old problem – information integration instead of system integration.The presentation will describe:

  • The background of the standards
  • How standards can be used to deliver business value
  • Cases where the standards are used in automotive, aerospace & defence and others industries.
  • How security requirements are met

Make sure you learn about the business value delivered by PLCS and Share-A-space. You are welcome to discuss with us in the exhibition. We are looking forward to see you all there.