French Ground Forces selects Share-A-space

Share-A-space will be integrated into IXARM, the portal of the French MoD, and will be used as a hub to share data between SIMMT and OEMs.

After the study done for DGA (Délégation Générale à l’Armement) last year that demonstrated the potential benefits of using PLCS (STANAG 4661), SIMMT (Structure Intégrée du Maintien en condition opérationnelle des Matériels Terrestres) decided to purchase Share-A-space.

Share-A-space will enable SIM@T (the main IT system of SIMMT) to exchange data with the external world via a single channel and to complement SIM@T with specific customer support capabilities.

The implementation will be a joint effort between Capgemini and Eurostep.

“A very important contract for us”, says Christian Giraud, Managing Director, Eurostep France. “PLCS and Share-A-space is seeing a lot of interest in France at this moment and this selection by the Ground Forces is expected to further increase this interest with the large base of suppliers”, ends Mr Giraud.

“This is fantastic news and it is great to see the French Ground Forces adopting PLCS”, says Håkan Kårdén, CEO Eurostep Group. “Data sharing using PLCS is what is needed to meet the requirements for Configuration Management in a world where the demand for external collaboration is increasing. A solution to this must also take into account the existing systems and processes in the defence supply network. Share-A-space does exactly this, in a low cost and highly secure manner, and we are proud to add such a high profile organization to the list of Share-A-space users”, ends Mr Kårdén.