What is happening at Eurostep? How are you doing? How is COVID-19 affecting Eurostep?

Part 2 of 2

This is a follow-up blog post to the one published earlier this week available here on Eurostep’s website.

Going into 2020 we had decided to make a major investment in packaging end-user products, and we are sticking to our plan.

ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing, which we launched in October 2019, with support for the Build-to-Print process, is constantly improving with new features. To attend the update webinar, on May 19th, register here. You will hear about some new cool features including the formal launch of the HOOPS 3D geometry software integration.

With the Design to Manufacturing offering based on Azure, we are providing an evergreen solution that has proven to work really well. Upgrading an evergreen service for the first time came with some uncertainty but it was really great seeing one of the ShareAspace SaaS users the day after, giving their perspectives – “Of course it works, why shouldn’t it?”

The Design to Manufacturing SaaS was featured as one of the top 20 promising collaboration solutions of 2019 by CIO Review magazine (editor’s choice) and has since the beginning of 2020 been listed in Microsoft’s AppSource as our partnership with Microsoft is growing.

We have invested significantly in further developing and fine-tuning our product package called ShareAspace Export Control. The new release is scheduled to be out in May 2020 (very soon!) and we have held several “reference meetings” with end-user companies, verifying our ideas and learning things too. We wish we could share with you the names of these organizations but let us just say how thankful we are for the time and effort they spent with us sharing their knowledge and experience, even during hard times like these. April 22, we had an external webinar where we presented in-depth ShareAspace Export Control, if you weren’t able to attend you can still register here to watch the webinar replay.

Concerning the ShareAspace platform, we have released version 1.7 and in parallel kicked off a very promising effort developing a library of reusable components. This investment is made primarily to allow for increased re-usability at a component level across projects and packaged products. This should also mean a shorter implementation project at higher quality and simultaneously making solutions that are easier to maintain over time. With this improvement in development efficiency and providing a better ROI, it will be even more exciting to see where ShareAspace will lead us innovating PLM collaboration. Check out the ShareAspace Nova 1.7 release highlights here.

Our annual ShareAspace Forum is one of our favourites events where we have the opportunity to meet many of you, face to face in different places. This year we are not travelling but will invite you all to participate in our afternoon webinar on June 4. Stay tuned as more information about the event will soon be published. You can already sign up here to block the date and time slot. Over the next couple of weeks, we will provide all details on the agenda and give you more reasons to attend the ShareAspace Forum 2020!

The joint Eurostep CIMdata event, PLM Roadmap and PDT, planned for Washington DC area had to be moved to next year. As always, we had secured a great line up of speaker so our plan is to do it in Q2 of next year. We have instead started to plan for the Eurostep PDT and CIMdata PLM Roadmap scheduled for November 17-18 in Stockholm. Check www.pdteurope.com and @PDTeurope on Twitter where we share news about the PDT conference.

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Stay safe and see you all soon!