ShareAspace Server

Eurostep provides innovative software and solutions for secure PLM collaboration with ShareAspace Server. The award-winning software supports secure collaboration across enterprises and across engineering domains.

ShareAspace adds power to the existing IS/IT landscape and lets collaboration partners keep existing systems or processes. This makes ShareAspace easy to implement and deploy. It runs on Microsoft technology with low cost of ownership. Microsoft technology and infrastructure components deliver superior CIO and end-user value.

Eurostep and its business partners complement the ShareAspace product suite with specialized services to ensure expectations are met and exceeded.

Collaboration Excellence with ShareAspace Server

Flexible and agile

ShareAspace Server is a hub that extends rather than replaces existing systems such as PDM, PLM, ERP or MRO. Organizations continue to use what is already working and benefit from previous investments. ShareAspace Server creates a flexible product data-sharing platform that facilitates change and business agility by making it easy to add and remove systems and partners.

The sharing paradigm

Sharing is everywhere today including most social media platforms. ShareAspace Server builds on the sharing notion where data from multiple sources are consolidated into one repository. You stay in control over what information is shared, with whom and when. Just share the data that is intended for sharing or publish data packages.

Data in context

Consolidation of data on import to ShareAspace Server preserves data coherence and data primacy. The comprehensive business rule definition and lifecycle event engine integrate data from multiple sources across the scope of collaboration. This enables master data management across the extended enterprise.

Manage change

With ShareAspace Server, different levels of Change Management can be applied to your projects ranging from a simple informal approach to a more formal comprehensive Change Management process. ShareAspace Server provides a data trail that is accessible at any time.

Best practice

ShareAspace Server is built on the experience from more than 15 years of use in several industries. Benefits realized include reduction of lead times and cost together with an increased pace of innovation, increased data quality and more sales.

Easy to use

End users access their data in ShareAspace Server either by using their favourite editing software, through the web interface or by using a mobile device. ShareAspace Server is based on Microsoft technology and works as an integral part of the enterprise processes. All at a low total cost of ownership.

Based on standards

ShareAspace Server data and file store is designed to capture and manage through life product information. The internal database schema is based on ISO 10303 STEP AP242 and PLCS AP 239 and manages all aspects of product information such as requirements, analysis, design parts, engineering change, serialized parts and product support in an extensible manner. Data is open and can be extracted without information loss.

Secure information

With ShareAspace Server, companies can securely collaborate and share data but still control and manage their intellectual property and respect export controls. In-house systems are not exposed outside the firewall. All this makes it easy to collaborate and provides the confidence needed for all partners to share based on trust.